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    Web Design

    Hi All, I have started my own business building websites for mainly small companies and thought I would post a link on here (I have asked Jamer if this is ok). The website is www.lucky8webdesign.com.au If you know someone who requires a site or an update, I'd really appreciate if you could send them my link. Benny
  2. yeah, so, there's 3 x hexagons which are all suppose to be different images, once clicked on 1 of the hexagons, it then shows up (that image that's clicked on) in a different space on the page, click on the next hexagon and that image shows up, etc. etc. I've updated my jsfiddle so it actually works now, however if it's easier, i can send my scripts straight to you so you can get a better idea?
  3. pretty much all freehand, using dreamweaver to view the outcome =D
  4. Hey All, I'm building a website for a mates business and have hit a wall...He wants a bunch of hexagon shapes with clickable images in them, once clicked, that image will show up somewhere different on the page. So, I can get the 3 hex's but 2 of them are the same image which they should all be different...once they are clicked it changes the image on the other space of the page, but i can't seem to get all 3 at different images Hope this makes sense, here's my fiddle so far http://jsfiddle.net/H1tman/Se7VE/10/
  5. Hey All, Just thought i'd put this link in for the CNet live stream happening on May 21 in regards to Xbox revealing their new system; http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57581214-75/next-xbox-microsoft-sets-big-reveal-for-may-21/ Looks like I won't be getting much work done on that day hahahaha
  6. Hey Guys Firstly, very sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't too sure where to put it. I've just started teaching myself infopath to build forms for my workplace (we currently use paper based forms lol) Currently i'm building a Travel Allowance form, which either states that users will be going to a high cost or country destination, amounts change depending on where they go I can't seem to find where / how I can attach the form so i'll try explain exactly what's happening, in short; SES and NON SES = Radio Buttons (1 and 2) Location = dropdown list (xml), high cost de
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