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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. Went for the Honeywell in the end. Thanks Cobra for your research, I hadn't clocked a few of those! A little bit suprised there's not more of these out there to be honest.
  2. g0at`

    Independence Day

    Ironically, incase you'd not heard.. the guy that started *that* petition was a leaver - a month before the referendum. He had the exact same concerns as you all1 - he wanted there to be a clear margin (and assumed remain would win).. All the remain lot just jumped on it afterwards.
  3. g0at`

    Independence Day

    Honestly didn't know that re: turnout / margin - are you sure that's genuine? This would have been well publicised beforehand surely? .. A win is a win, regardless of margin? ... Just invoke the article 50 now get on with it - don't agree with it but public have made the decision :) Will be interesting to see whether there are any legs on that. Makes a mockery of the system if so. *goes off to find petition link* .... (j/k - grapes not that sour) e: just read this (It's literally just some guy wanting to change the rules post-result) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36629324
  4. g0at`

    Independence Day

    And yes, re: the immigration stuff - agree with you.
  5. g0at`

    Independence Day

    Hmm, really don't want to get into a heated discussion (I'm trying to calm down lol, it's the weekend!) .. but I feel it's quite naive to intimate that people were not aware of the short to medium term damage to the economy. Pretty much the only thing everyone actually agreed on? Downgrading the rating surely the inevitable consequence/stimulus. .. People who voted leave surely took this into consideration in their decision to vote leave and felt the long term benefits [fiscal or otherwise ;) ] would outstrip the short term pain. Still (through gritted teeth) time to crack on, hey - the world is still spinning :) Have a good weekend bud
  6. g0at`

    Independence Day

    Also, for what it's worth.. I don't actually think there should have been a referendum, seldom do I agree with anything that comes out of Noel Gallagher's mouth, but agree with him there.. Lots of the decisions I'm sure were based on silly reasons, the electorate are paid to make decisions like this for us :)
  7. g0at`

    Independence Day

    Voted for Remain. Was, and still am (but now a bit calmer) really disappointed with the result. Not looking forward to the immediate future at all. As for the distant future, hope the risk pays off. Of course, we'll never know either way. Must say that, although voting for cons at the last general, Cameron has had his time. People say that his timing is lousy and that ironically we're going to end up with an un-elected PM, but think ultimately was the right thing to do. What facts? There are none. Unless you're Mystic Meg nobody knows the future. Legislation can change in 24hours, I mean, the register to vote deadline was extened... policies can change in a heart-beat. All I knew is that staying in would result in a more 'predicable' future. That's pretty much what I based my decision on. Quite a risk adverse person by nature. Time to get on with it I guess :)
  8. How strange, was going to go on the hunt for somewhere that sells Win7 keys this weekend.. just cobbled together a PC for a friend. Are these MSDN keys that they're just re-issuing, or genuine keys - does anyone know? edit: Oh.. This product is 1 piece of Branded (Dell, HP Lenovo etc) or Non-Branded Microsoft Windows 7 Professional CoA label with activation key for 1 PC / 1 User – Key can be used on any make of computer. The C.O.A has been taken from a decommissioned PC
  9. Yup, the wireless ones are available most places.. I'm specifically after one where you can use your own mp3's.
  10. As per topic title - has anyone got one or could recommend a make / model? .. So far have clocked a Honeywell (DC917NG) and Swann (DC840B) - all of the others seem to be made in china / cheap quality and have terrible reviews.
  11. Hi Dave, What do you mean by 'facility to access it'? Do you mean the WebUI itself, or do you mean the actual files on it? You've probably already clocked - you can setup the NAS to be an FTP server - if you're struggling to access this then perhaps your router firewall preventing access to it? For the dynamic DNS part... You're right, from a (very) quick google, the ns2502 doesn't seem to support this. What router have you got? Some routers support DYNDNS, you could use that instead of your NAS for the dynamic dns part? Another option I used to use.. Some dynamic dns services have client software which sycnhs your PC's IP with your dns name. I used to have my PC power up at 4am every morning, start the client app to sync my IP, then a windows scheduled task to power off at 4:10am. Then, just hope that the internet doesn't reconnect / get a new IP for the rest of the day :)
  12. He *is* posting to everyone. But only people that follow him, or have implicitly searched for something can see the tweet. If you start a tweet with anything other than '@' it's effectively the same as running into a room and shouting something. Only people within relative proximity (following him) can 'hear him'. That frog guy has added hashtags to make it easier for people to search for something relevant to him - like you've done by searching the #Rotherhide hashtag. If you start a tweet with '@' you're directing your message towards somebody. This is essentially the same as running into the room and talking to someone.. however, it's not private as anyone nearby to your conversation (i.e also following both you and the person you're talking to) can over-hear you. The only way to ensure a private conversation is to use direct message. Hope this helps?
  13. I love twitter, most definately a lurker though. Check it pretty much every hour. Rarely contribute other than re-tweeting for others who are following me to check out an article I find interesting. .. I prefer 3rd party apps rather than the official twitter website. I'm using Falcon Pro on my phone. Purley because I find it easier to organise stuff [see below] The same applies to desktop - I use tweetdeck (Which ironically has been bought out by twitter themselves now due to popularity). One thing I would say about 3rd party apps is that twitter restrict API use, so invaraibley not quite as much functionality as the official apps. In terms of tips: You'll, sooner or later, get to the stage where you're following a substantial amount of people/organisations. You'll find different types of tweets (news/sport/humour) all scattered in your 'news feed'. I'd strongly suggest checking out lists feature. Essentially enables you to create groups. From there you can navigate to lists (or if using tweetdeck / 3rd party app) create a quick shortcut to your list(s). edit: You, similar to lists, can also save searches, or hashtags. I for example have saved my local town name as a search, so I can quickly see what everyone is saying about the place. Generally use this for local news / to see why there's a fire engine on xxx street etc. Hashtags are essentially just a way of joining in a conversation, for example - If I personally have something to say about Norwich City FC, I'd put the hastag #ncfc somewhere in my tweet. Anyone who wants to see anyone's opinions on Norwich will search for the hashtag #ncfc and they can quickly view everyone that's contributed to the conversation. You can also mute keywords / hashtags which is useful if you for example are following someone but are not really interested in their hobby. For example, I follow a chap at work who's really into American football. He realises that it's not everyone's bag, so adds #NFL to his tweets. I simply mute that hashtag and bingo, anything with #nfl in is filtered out of my timeline. edit: this is also particularly useful for example if you are into a sport, but don't want any spoilers. Temporarily muting the hashtag #f1 is a good idea if you don't want to see the early race (5am) results and you're intent on watching the re-run on BBC at a more reasonable hour! It's a bit daunting at first as you're inevitably looking for decent people to follow. You'll probably start off following celebrities before realising that they generally post pretentious b/s. Stick with it! You'll find it all a bit pointless at first, but once you get used to it it's actually pretty good. @jonmknight
  14. Looking at CCTV for myself.. Only really had a brief look over the past few days. IP Cameras definitely seem the way to go. There's a handful on ebuyer if you're looking for ideas. I'm looking at 3 external IP bullet cams that are around the £100 mark with Power over ethernet (POE) (Most cases the adapter / injector is sold separately) I'll just be using my NAS as the 'NVR'. The cameras can be setup to record on detection of sound / movement / between certain times as you'd expect with regular cameras. The £100 ones don't offer motion tracking, you'd have to spend a bit more for that.. As well as saving to NAS you can have it encode at a lower bitrate and email you clips, or host them on external FTPs. Clearly wIth IP cams you obviously have the added benefit of being able to view them wherever you are - (So long as you have a phone or computer with internet connection),
  15. g0at`


    .. a bit miffed that my avatar seems to have disappeared - I remember it took me ages to find a nice cartoon goat - now I have 10+years of additional cartoon goats to look through on google images before I can get it back again .. I *will* find it :) e: kudos to Jamer to keep this place running all of these years, was surprised If I'm being honest to see that it's still an active forum
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