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  1. OMG I am so sorry to hear this news RIP AllOne
  2. Fabulous news, thank you Gazza
  3. I agree with the last 2 comments. Stay strong Alloneword, Xmas is often a difficult time when we reflect on what could have been etc..your life will get better but I do think you have hit an all time low from reading your very sad post. Keep your chin up and please please do not do anything silly, you are worth a lot more, pick yourself up, brush yourself down and battle on.
  4. Divvy

    JamersPad For Sale

    Noooo I love this website, maybe we can send you a donation ?
  5. Divvy

    Strava / Zwift

    My friend uses Strava, is that a smart watch or something?
  6. Divvy

    Forum Upgraded

    Thanks for the continued support Jamer
  7. No I have not used them but a friend recommended them to me and I understand that they were fairly good.
  8. https://www.snapfish.co.uk/photo-printing
  9. You looking for quality photograph printing so you can frame them for example?
  10. Probably a days pay for someone who knows what they are doing, £150-£200 at a guess
  11. Divvy

    FFS what next

    To many snowflakes now
  12. Happy new year to you all, lets hope this one is a good one
  13. Congratulations, 20 years! Wow where did that time go?
  14. It is not for a Garmin is it? see here
  15. Forum is looking good Jamer and still here after 20 years!
  16. Jamers has been here for almost 20 years, surprised not as many people use the forum like in the past. Unless the forum is used it may not survive another 20 years? Good to see you online
  17. I wondered what had happened. Glad it is all sorted Jamer
  18. Rother has pretty much covered it all above.
  19. It was the original 3 that made this program work and was as successful as it was. It will never work the same without them, so I won't be watching the BBC's version.
  20. Yes I agree both these kids sing like adults, very good.
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