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  1. I had never heard of AirBNB until 5 minutes ago. Looks pretty legit to me. Great resource and good luck with the big trip.
  2. Happy New Year everyone all the best for 2015
  3. Hello stranger welcome back to the pad.
  4. I personally like Greece, we went to Crete this year and loved it. Also love the Canary islands, you can't go wrong with either in my opinion. Who do you normally book your holiday with Derren?
  5. I have read that story and all is says an arguments over a disabled space? that could mean anything, lets wait to we see all the facts.
  6. I thought it was a great race today, may even watch the reply
  7. Thats bad news, what a guy! F1 is not the same since he retired imo, hope he is okay.
  8. Have a brilliant day, happy birthday
  9. I never got that, was it a voucher code?
  10. I could not agree more, how much money is being wasted here yet we still have people and kids on the poverty line
  11. I have parked right over the other side of a car park and you can guarantee with all the spces around me when I get back to my car someone has parked right next to me, you watch the next time your in a car park, people park in groups like sheep, it's weird. I was in Morrison s at 8am this morning, virtually an empty car park, I parked away from the store and on my own and while I st there eating my breakfast I watched people park next to me. I agree with Jamer, (he never said it was his right to park in a disabled space) with his vehicle and after his experience I would park in Mother &
  12. Not too bothered if I am honest allone as I said, in truth all of this information is probably already available, I wouldn't loose too much sleep over it mate, yes it's not good but I am sure if someone has the time to sit looking through someones info they have bigger problems than the person they are reading about.
  13. I dont see what the problem is? maybe I am missing something? but it would not bother me, tbh they probably have access to all of this information now anyway.
  14. Hi Inferno it's nice to see you to see you NICE :Winky:
  15. Brilliant! This is all about MONEY! if you did not complain then - DON'T complain now! load of old tosh in most cases! Have you seen how many claims from people jumping on the bandwagon have gone against Jimmy Savile complete joke!
  16. Larry Hagman, who spent more than a decade playing TV villain JR Ewing has died at the age of 81, his family says. Hagman, who had suffered from cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, died in hospital on Friday afternoon, according to a family statement. "Larry was back in his beloved Dallas, re-enacting the iconic role he loved most," said the family. "He was surrounded by loved ones." Long-time friend Linda Gray, who played Sue Ellen, was by his bedside. "Larry Hagman was my best friend for 35 years," said Ms Gray in a statement released by her agent. "He was the Pied Piper of life and brou
  17. Jamer said his upload is 13mb
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