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    Was hoping for a pic of the plane itself but I guess I can google for one. Good luck on your move.
  2. awwww, missed it because it was taken down. :(
  3. heavy1-- I agree with everything you posted (I'm from the 'other side of the pond too- NewYork). I pray every night she does not get elected. I'm a firm believer in the ABC's (Anybody But Clinton).I was surprised the vote was so close between the leavers and remainers. I would think any country would want to be totally independent. Because of open borders, the UK has lost so much of their own true identity as so many immigrants have not been able to acclimate themselves. I truly hope everything ends up working out the very best for all concerned.
  4. If you don't use a "hoover" to suck out all the air, what else would you use? I am just thinking you might have luck checking your local rental shops. I would think they would have a GOOD one available to rent. Just a thought.
  5. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may all the good things of Christmas stay with you all throughout the whole New Year.
  6. Your Grandma is played by Meryl Streep And the movie is rated quite good also (6.8/10) Peeps can watch the trailer here... http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1335341593/
  7. Yes, I agree. They actually brought tears to my eyes their voices were so moving. Thanks for commenting :)
  8. You will really be amazed when u hear these 2 little kids sing!!! http://www.coolestone.com/media/13292/You-Raise-Me-Up-sung-by-Two-Kids-With-Phenomenal--Voices!/#.Vk4Yj79c41B
  9. oh oh...unless you're only like 20-25 years old, you shall prolly expire within the week LOLOL
  10. k, so how'd u make out? This was actually sort of endorsed by The Cleveland Clinic which is a very reputable hospital in the U.S.
  11. A simple "Sit & Rise" test to predict your death 1. Stand and cross your legs at bottom near feet somewhat 2. Sit down without using any type of aid (hands, knee, side of leg, etc.) 3. Rise back to standing position without using any type of aid It's being called the exercise test that can predict your death. A physician in Brazil used something called the sit/rise test to show his aging patients the risk of losing strength and flexibility. The study found strength and balance are pretty good indicators of longevity. Here's how it works: -You get 5 points for sitting and another 5 points for standing without any support -Subtract 1 point each time you use a hand, forearm, knee or side of the leg -Lose a half point if you lose your balance (stumble) Scoring: 8-10 points = GREAT 6-7.5 = GOOD 3.5-5.5 = FAIR 0-3 = POOR (You're 6.5 times more likely to die earlier than those who scored high.) *** For me, I got down without help fine (though it was a bit scary doing it - sort of like trusting someone to catch you as you fall backwards) but then I could not get up without using my hands. LOL
  12. and1and


    Thanx for the quick response..
  13. and1and


    Hi All, For some reason, I just noticed there was no game section here with game download links. Is it just a fluke on my end or was that section removed?
  14. "" Rent Blu-ray on Blu-ray & DVD. ... dvd.netflix.com - Netflix DVDs ... Unlimited rentals. ... Over 93,000 movies & TV shows available to rent "" Yes, you can rent movies from Netflix through the U.S.mail
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