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  1. wheels

    Old names...

    Making a come back ... 10 years on.
  2. Maybe Jamer should start tweeting! haha
  3. Nope, that went into a post last year while trying to avoid a black cab! Shame things have died down - this place used to be heaving !
  4. good thanks! Last time I was here I was an undergraduate - I've since finished the degree, done a Masters and now work as a Business Analyst for a publishing company. wow..it really has been a while! Is it just me or are things a bit quieter around here? Is foggy still about?
  5. So I just thought I'd say Hi - wow this place has changed since I was last here! Where's this guy these days?? haha So how is everyone? I saw a few familiar names- Mr Dead, Alloneword, Sir Zorro and of course Jamer! Anyway, hope you're all well - any thing new around here? wheels
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