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  1. Hola Broe Nice to have another South African on the pad. Welcome. Josibabe
  2. Welcome. We look forward to you bringing stormy issues to this pad! :thumbsup:
  3. Josibabe

    Hows It

    Hola Bro Welcome, great place to hang. Make sure you get cosy with us .... :Smiler: Josibabe
  4. Josibabe

    Howdy folks

    Hola! Welcome. Not been here too long, but been having a good time. You will too! Josibabe
  5. Hello and welcome. I'm new myself, but have been received with open arms!
  6. Thanks. I feel welcome already.
  7. Howzit all My name's Fatima. South African currently in the UK. 45 years. Oh! this all sounds so boring! Let me start again. This is funky Fatima finding the world fascinating at her fabulous feet! Sounds better doesn't it!
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