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  1. Hello, not been on the pad for ages, what's been happening. Anybody remember me?
  2. Nice one guys, I will start designing the site soon and come back to you, thanks so much!!! :Thumbs_Up1:
  3. Hello, I admin a Facebook page where people upload old pictures of my home town, since the timeline has come in it is now harder to navigate on the page and the changes have made it less user friendly, I want to have a go at creating my own site where I could transfer the pictures etc and have a good user friendly site that I can control better than a Facebook page. I have a copy of Dreamweaver and also some limited knowledge on building sites but I need some help and examples of other similar sites, how much would it cost to host so there would be a large amount of storage and fast access please? Any other ideas would also be welcome to please. Not sure if I can put a link on but let me know if I can please? Cheers guys :Thumbs_Up1:
  4. Hello Pal, my mother had Lupus, she fought it every day for years and she still carried on, sadly she passed away this year but it wasn't Lupus that killed her, she was always strong and mentally tough and on many occasions got the better of the Lupus. Stay strong mate and best wishes to you all!!!
  5. Hello Sparks, not been on here for ages and the 1st post I see is one of yours, Hope you are keeping well? Anyway, I was brought up in the Thatcher era (born 1975) and I always remember my mum slagging thatcher and the Tories off but to this day and after doing some reading I still don't know why so was/is soooo despised? What is it she has done that is so wrong? Thanks, Conbrue.
  6. Thanks guys, Not sure about the night opening as it may saturate the market, there's only so much fish and chips people can eat... Not much parking nearby to tempt anybody but the locals really but the current owners seem to do well. Great points Derren thanks, I suppose the paperwork side of things is what will be completly new to us.
  7. Is buying a chippy a good idea? People always need chips. At the moment this chippy does not open at night only dinner and tea times
  8. Thanks, Are you allowed to have 2 mortgages? Will a deposit be required?
  9. Hello Jamer, Thanks for the reply, the cost of the chippy must have some added on for the business as I live in the same street and my house value is about 50k less than the asking price of the chippy
  10. There is a Chippie near us that's for sale, the business comes with a 4 bedroom house and the chippy is well established. The current owners are retiring and have been there for about 20 years. I know nothing of running a chippy and even less about financing one, I would hope if we did buy it the current owners would help with training etc and we would keep the suppliers etc until we was more confident so basically business as usual for a few years. What I need to learn about is how do we get the money to but the place (no pun intended)...? Do we get a business loan/mortgage? Will we need money upfront? Is there something online akin to Money supermarket were you can find out re payments etc? We already own a house further down the road which ideally we want to carry on living in and I don't want to risk this house. I would carry on working but my wife would run the chippy with help from family and me. Sorry for all the newbie questions but you have to start somewhere. Thanks, Conbrue.
  11. conbrue

    Iphone tracker

    So thats a no then? :Cooldude:
  12. conbrue

    Iphone tracker

    Is there no program to use the saved data and layer it onto a map online or windows?
  13. conbrue

    Iphone tracker

    Thanks for the repies, the link is only for the MAC OS software. I need a windows version please? :Thumbs_Up1:
  14. Yo peeps, After the recent news regarding the Apple Iphone secretly tracking each users wereabouts ect, does anybody know of a good windows programs to display this on a map please? Ta :Surprise:
  15. Thanks for all your help guys, the wife was getting a bit nervous about it so I just removed the pic and told him.
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