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  1. Hi, my son has just started his uni course and a quick look at the reading list shows that he could be spending a few hundred pounds so I was wondering if anyone has any of the following hidden away. I know its a big ask but he has very little spare cash. Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise Sport and Exercise biomechanics Basic Biomechanics Periodization Theory and Methodology Physiological tests for Elite Athletes Foundation for Sports Pyschology if any are in pdf/ebook format etc then that would be great Many thanks
  2. Don't forget the dreaded VAT - If you're in business, you must register for VAT if your VAT taxable turnover for the previous 12 months is more than £73,000. This figure is known as the VAT registration threshold. The threshold changes - usually once a year announced in the Budget - so you should regularly check your turnover against the current threshold. You must also register for VAT if either of the following applies: you think your VAT taxable turnover may go over the threshold in the next 30 days alone you take over a VAT-registered business as a going concern if the above applies then £20 out of every £120 you take (less VAT paid on costs) belongs to the VAT man immediately - hot takeaway food is subject to VAT even though you don't pay VAT on the raw food.
  3. Most people travel at about 75 to 80 on a motorway anyway so it shouldnt make that much of a difference in travel times. Could cut down the number of people caught speeding though and perhaps the traffic plods will be redeployed elsewhere.
  4. I've got a good 15" of snow on my garage roof and the road is only just passable by 4x4's and to make matters worse the wife and 4 kids are at home as all schools, colleges and the local university are closed for the day.
  5. At the Shell garages in Derby unleaded is only 113.9 - and beats most of the supermarket prices
  6. I know you are using a laptop for its convenience etc but why not invest in a full size keyboard for use at those times when the keyboard on your laptop won't stay still.
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