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  1. 1 hour ago, thePanhandler said:

    Give me some contact info for them and I'll pass it on. If your nephew likes travel this contact could show him the world. Is Southampton nearby?

    Spoke with them both earlier, both flat out with work, thought it would be of interest to my nephew but not. It was worth a try my friend and no Southampton is about 3 hours drive.

  2. I am not a massive football fan however, I do enjoy the big competitions.


    Enjoyed all of the matches this week and it was great to see England beat Germany!




    I do not agree with the taking the knee before each game (wtf) and personally I think they should take the politics out of football but I'm looking forward to watching the match on Saturday from Poland! Yes we are travelling tomorrow and everything is open, so we're looking forward to hopefully seeing England beat the Ukraine 


    Anyone else been watching ?

  3. On 22/05/2021 at 16:29, daveb47 said:

    Been ill,Bit of heart problems,also got silly amount of back pain,so it even hurts to sit down now.

    Be about a bit more now i hope.Not that i got much to say as i cant even go into garden nowadays.

    Been 7 years today since i last went except for medical reasons.

    Pc is a godsend,mainly youtube & videos altho i still have my forum which has has 1 post (by me) in over a year.
     Just upgraded to Virgin Gig+ internet,getting 950 mbps down & 45mbps up which is nice.

    Hope you are all well?

    Good to see you here Dave. Some fast speeds there! 

  4. On 21/03/2021 at 13:59, djweeble said:

    Had my jab on Friday...... felt fine all day, but woke up on Saturday feeling like I'd been hit by a train !

    Only problem I've had is when I went to sleep Saturday night, I was very slow getting my head together and getting out of bed on Sunday morning, then I found I'd upgraded to Windows 11 !

    Now I just have a nagging little voice whispering in my head all the time........ "Windows not Mac"..."Windows not Mac"

    Go for Mac and you'll never go back mate

  5. On 15/02/2021 at 17:36, derren said:

    I am mostly over covid now but reckon I am still not fully there.  I was doing couch to 5k before and I was half way through but now I can not run at all.

    Still got a dad in hospital unable to walk.  Even through he has not got covid now, it was covid that put him there and to be honest I don't think he will recover.


    This is serious.  Lots of stupid talk about vaccines not being safe etc and it take 10 years to make a vaccine.   That is correct in a way but most of that is getting funding, doing research etc.


    Reading a magazine last night about this virus is actually not as bad as one could be.  More virus's are jumping from animal to man as we take away their natural habitats.   We might not be so lucky with the next one.  




    Worth reading.


    Interesting read..


    I hope that your dad is feeling better soon mate.

  6. On 08/02/2021 at 13:34, daveb47 said:

    Not been out of my house for overs 6 years now,not even in to garden.Except for medical reasons

    So probably yes.Not really much to live for to be honest.

    Don't be so soft! You have every reason to live! We only get one life Dave

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