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  1. On 18/02/2021 at 07:20, Jamer said:


    Interesting read..


    I hope that your dad is feeling better soon mate.


    Thanks he is still not good and been sent from Ross hospital back to Hereford with and infection so its touch and go.

    I have been called for my covid jab earlier than I thought. I have it booked this Saturday at Quay House.  Guess its because of my asthma but then a good friend of mine who is around 55 years of age, has asthma and diabetes and has not been called



  2. I am mostly over covid now but reckon I am still not fully there.  I was doing couch to 5k before and I was half way through but now I can not run at all.

    Still got a dad in hospital unable to walk.  Even through he has not got covid now, it was covid that put him there and to be honest I don't think he will recover.


    This is serious.  Lots of stupid talk about vaccines not being safe etc and it take 10 years to make a vaccine.   That is correct in a way but most of that is getting funding, doing research etc.


    Reading a magazine last night about this virus is actually not as bad as one could be.  More virus's are jumping from animal to man as we take away their natural habitats.   We might not be so lucky with the next one.  




    Worth reading.

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  3. Recovering now from it and I have been pretty ill including a paramedic visit.  My mum went down with it first and ended up in hospital - plasma transplant etc.     My dad was home and I could not get hold of him on phone.  So drove over there and found him collapsed but conscious.   Had to get an ambulance to him.   He tested positive.  So it was during that time I was trying to assist him before paramedics come I picked up a big dose from him.  He is still bedbound after refusing to stay hospital.


    I am now this friday 2 weeks into it and recovering slowly and getting back to work but its been horrid.


    Fingers crossed over the worse of it.





  4. Really sorry to hear this but we know from the above its what Alloneword wanted.


    We all hope he is at peace now.


    Thank you Sterling for coming on and letting us all know.  As you said it was a request from him to let us know which goes to show the always thinking of others attitude he has always done in the past - always friendly and helpful to all.





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  5. Don't know if I am missing something but I can not see how its going to go away unless irradicated by immunization.


    As far as I see we all stay in for 3 weeks 3 months or whatever.   A city in say India does not and it starts again?   We need the whole world to stay in but that is not going to happen.



  6. I am guessing they only logged one as returned when they had two.  Simple admin mistake which is helping you.  Phone customer support. Number is hidden away but a search will find it.  I will look also.  I returned a mouse 3 times now and each time replaced with no problem. They are usually good. 

  7. Its a sad time we knew would come.  As Rother said things like Facebook have killed off forums.  The dvd forums used have thousands of members but posts are few and far.   Nothing lasts forever and facebook will one day be replaced.

    How long we got Jamer to the end?   I agree you can't keep throwing money and time at this.   Will the facebook group continue - be good to catch up in there.

    I learned so much from these forums and saved a lot ? of cash




  8. Yes I am not very up to date on the rules but I know my dad would lose some mobility benefits if he went for the car - he does not have wheelchair etc and I am afraid to proud to use one (yes I bang my head against the wall with him).  It all seems rather strange the rules as they don't seem to help everyone in need.


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