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  1. Great thanks guys, Guess I'll stick to Window 7
  2. Did anyone try this yet? and if so is it worth changing from window 7.
  3. Hello everyone, Here is a few news from me. It's been a few weeks in this shit hole and as I saw in the news it is as bad as they say it is. What a total desolation in Haiti. ne year later and these people are still living in misery. Most of the people still have no houses to live in let alone food on their table. Man these people have it bad. I was one of the lucky few from my group who did not get to remain in Port au Prince. I went up north to a small town called Port de Paix and there altough almost untouched by the earthquake of last year is still bad.This is a small little fishing village of about 200,000 peoples. trhey realy have nothing out here. I was fortunate to find myself with a few Canadian collegue from my previous mission and that made the adaptation that much easier. I wish I could post some image on this site but I can't, and uploading to another site is just not an option from here. Internet is still iffy at the best of time and I was lucky to get on this eveneing for a few minutes. I know my Jamers Pad familly is thinking of me. Cheers. CD
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    Hello everyone, For those of you who know me I just want to let everyone know that I am leaving tomorow for another tour of duty in Haiti. These people need us, and I will do my best to help them. I hope that I can finally make a differance in this country. Love you all and I will check on you guys from time to time providing I have internet conection. CD
  5. Thank you for your kind words my friend, it means a lot comming from you.
  6. For those who know me on this forum today marks the first anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. On 12 January 2010, Haiti suffered a disaster of unparalleled magnitude. The earthquake that day killed over two hundred thousand people; more than three hundred thousand were injured and a staggering 2.3 million – nearly one quarter of the population – was displaced. This is an anniversary I would prefer never to celebrate. I lost a lot of good friends in this tragedy including Doug and Mark. May their memory live forever and their sacrifice never forgotten! My hearth also goes to people of Haiti who suffered and keeps on suffering after this tragedy. One year after this tragedy, where is the international help? No matter what ethical background or religion believe you have no one can remain insensitive to this tragedy and the suffering that remains to this day.
  7. Now that Limewire is shut down where does everybody go for music around here?
  8. Best forum on the web here! Weclome aboard CD
  9. Welcome to the pad Paul. This is by far, the best site of it's kind on the Net.
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