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  1. hy there spidey how goes it? :Cool:
  2. great to be back , among frends
  3. hy good to be back , great place to be , take care
  4. not doing much , got old retired , , but life is still fun , lots to do , i injoy this forum , and the people on it , i need to find out how to use rapit share, could sure use some help then i can put things in apps. SoOOOOOO if you or someone might guide me to were i can get help , ide be thankfull
  5. great forum i would like to add things to apps. i joined rapidshare , but do not no how to trasffer files to here,looked around missed how to i guess , could use help

  6. oldjake


    hy youall , was a member few years ago, good to be back
  7. hy youall i did belong here quite a few years ago, glad to be back
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