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Art or just Sick...

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controversial painting at a Banksy gallery of the bus blown up during the London 7/7 attacks is set to raise eyebrows among victims' families and the public alike.


The black and white picture by former Tube graffiti vandal Mark Sinckler shows the wreckage of the double-decker, with renaissance-style angels flying out of it.


The bus was destroyed in the explosion in Tavistock Square, after it was targeted along with three Tube stations by suicide bombers.


A total of 52 civilians were killed in the attacks on July 7, 2005.


Sinckler's work will be placed in the window of a new gallery created by Banksy, who is no stranger to controversy himself.


Speaking about the Marks & Stencils gallery in Soho, London, the renowned street artist said: "People enjoy shopping more than they enjoy art.


"So it makes sense to try and disguise your gallery as a home furnishings store."


Open for the next four weeks, he described it as "a chance for the public to see some less-refined culture after they’ve finished browsing Soho’s adult bookshops".


The Bristol-based artist, who has never revealed his identity, is famous for painting political and satirical graffiti on walls during the night, apparently unnoticed.


His artwork has been sold for up to £600,000 at auction. Collectors apparently include Angelina Jolie and Damien Hirst.




I happen to think it's a beautiful bit of work.




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I happen to think its a piece of pretentious b*llocks, but that's just my opinion...


However, I so agree with his statement that "People enjoy shopping more than they enjoy art."

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i think its amazing! it really captures the moment where innocent people died and went to heaven. I no its so close to many peoples hearts but it really is a nice way to potray such a tragic event

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