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Just back from a Prague long weekend, Sat am – Tues pm


Just some stuff for anyone considering going

Total cost for the 2 of us for 4 days was £186.98 (not including spending money)

£22.00 Car parking

£71.98 Flights

£89.40 Hotel (3 nights) Excellent 4 star hotel

128Czk (4x 32Czk)(£3.60 Return) Tran/Bus


Flights were with Easyjet @ £35.99 each from Stansted

Depart Saturday 7:10am flight

Back Tuesday 8:40pm flight

1.5 hour flight


We booked to leave our car at The Kings Arms Hotel (approx. 3.5 miles away from Stansted) – the owner looks after your car in his car park and drives you to the airport and picks you upon your return (we phoned when we had cleared customs and he was their 10 minutes later). You don’t have to stay at the hotel for this service – Cost is £22.00

Kings Arms Hotel - Station Road  - Stansted – Essex - CM24 8BE - 01279 812948



**** Hotel was £29.80 per night booked through  http://www.onhotels.com/

Breakfast buffet included.

Hotel Praga 1

Žitná 5, Praha 1
Tel: +420 222 500 133

Fax: +420 222 500 333

Email: info@hotelpraga1prague.com

Web: www.hotelpraga1prague.com


It was a great four star hotel with a varied buffet lunch and English speaking staff.


Can’t believe how easy it was to get there. Hotel had quoted 525Czk for a taxi from Airport to the hotel. We got a bus/train ticket for 32Czk.

Straight out of Arrivals at Prague airport and look to the right for the Travel information kiosk, buy your bus ticket there (remember to buy another for your return journey). Come out of the airport and directly in front of you is the bus stop. Take the no: 100 bus to the bus station at Zličín. The bus terminates here. Walk into the subway (this is the end of the line for the train so it starts from here)and get the Yellow line “B” metro to Karlovo náměstí  (10 stops). Come out of the station and walk diagonally left, the hotel is a 5 minute walk away.


From the hotel to Wencelas Square and then to Old Town Square was a 10 minute walk, out of the hotel turn right, at the crossroads turn right and follow the road – brings you out halfway up Wencelas Sq.


Beer is about £1.40 for a small one and £1.70 for a large, all brewed locally.

Food is quiet pricey and Prague has many restaurants, research on trip advisor for the type of food you like to see the better restaurants. We went to a small tavern which was cack and the following day found a nicer restaurant in which our drinks were delivered by miniature train.



Temperatures were around -1 though with the wind chill it seemed colder so wrap up warm. A warm hat is a must.

We took £350 in spending money (for food drink and purchases) and brought £180 back though we did spend another £32 on 4 litres of Teachers whiskey at the Duty Free.


4 days was probably 1 day to many, 3 would have been fine.

A great weekend – why not give it try.

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I have a friend who has just married his Czech gf and they are back and forth to Prague. I have been twice and loved it! Glad you had a good time  :Happy_32:

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