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  1. Edge

    Happy New Year 2011

    And wishes for at Happy New Year from Sweden as well! From my personal perspective, it can only be better than 2010...
  2. Edge

    Hello again...

    Maybe not, but we missed you to keep track of things :Cooldude:
  3. Dammit! I told the customs at the Swedish end of the bridge to look out for an obscure englishman in a van, but obviously they didn't listen :Smiler:
  4. Fecking hell! Congratulations Mr. DJ :Thumbs_Up1: If you're still in Norway, chances are that you are having snow now, at least that's what we're having in the western parts of Sweden. Hope you get a fantastic day.
  5. I don't know what the rules are in UK, but if the poor guy is out on bail, then it can't have been all that bad, can it? The film is horrible and to me it's plain rediculous to treat a human being like that. From what I understand, such behavior is more and more common over there, right? No wonder if the public is loosing faith in the police :thumbs-down1:
  6. I've been trying quite a few over the years and always turns back to Excel TBO........ It's a load of typing to get the DVD's into one of them nice programs, I start up, register the first 50-75 DVD's and then quit when I start to think of how long it's gonna take to get them all in :Surprise: But then again, I don't need the fancy pictures or stuff like that, I just need to remember which DVD's I have and who borrowed them :Smiler:
  7. Edge

    Here I am

    Welcome onboard johno! I am pretty sure you'll find Jamers Pad the friendliest place on the web and I'm hoping you'll become an active member in here. We're always here to help each other out :thumbsup:
  8. Edge

    hello everyone

    Hi there and welcome on board. As already said, please tell us a little about yourself........ I'm sure you'll find this place friendly and welcoming :thumbsup:
  9. Edge


    Weolcome on board - I'm sure you'll find the Pad a good place to hang out.
  10. Edge

    hi everybody

    Hello m8 and welcome on board!
  11. Edge


    Let me be the first to welcome you to the friendliest board on the world-wide-web! I hope you'll find yourself comfortable in here and that you'll be an active member.
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