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  1. Whereas it may not be state of the art there are plenty of security cameras out there that work with security recording software and as long as you are happy to have you're pc running 24/7 can give very acceptable results. Most have definable motion detection areas and the quality depends solely on the quality of the camera used.
  2. Nasty accident, but what the hell was he doing on the wrong side of the road? It's not like he was even going very fast but a truck is not a thing to pick an argument with when you're on a bike.
  3. Sounds like great fun as long as you get good weather, could be a bit miserable otherwise. If you check out the laws relating to electric personal transportation Alloneword you'll find that they all very specifically refer to either 2, 3 or 4 wheeled vehicles so as it stands unicycles haven't been ruled on yet and so are temporarily outside the relevant laws. They don't have the required equipment for road travel but we try to keep to the pavements and ycle paths whenever they're available. I've stopped and spoken to several police officers who were all more interested in where they could get one than whether it was legal. There's a few London er using them now as they are easy to take on the underground or buses. WheelGo are the London outlet run by Jason McNeil. He has loads of info on his Web site.
  4. I came to the conclusion ten years ago that if I went back onto two wheels I probably wouldn't reach my sixtieth birthday so I just made sure that I got my two farm quad bikes road legal and as they're both diesel and have a top speed of a little over 45mph I think there is still hope to celebrate my sixtieth next year. More recently I've been caught by the electric unicycle bug and that has me so hooked that I now have several wheels and go out riding with my sons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=PifTfsgvL_E This chap is one of our nuttiest forum members in Finland and has recently broken his collar bone, but there's no need to ride as crazily as he does.
  5. Gimlet

    Old names...

    I'm still here, just very busy right now.
  6. Is it just me that's cynical or is it the many stars and has beens that are using it as a world stage?
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    Having used all the previously released census data to help me fill in my family tree details I have to say that I for one am a great believer. What are descendants going to think should they research your false data some time in the distant future? Only wish they'd kept it up between Bill the Conq's first ever one in 1086 and 1841 when they started again. As it is I can only get back to the early 1700's as the church records aren't that great.
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