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  1. cyrus troy

    Drive to work

    Why is it., when stuck in heavy traffic, thats moving very slowly all i see is normally women grab there phone, do they not realised that this is the worst time to use the phone because the car in front can stop at any moment it just beggars belief and yes this happened this morning and i passed five drivers all women doing exactly the same thing
  2. cyrus troy

    Woohoooo, DJWeeble is going to be a bar owner

    is it time to negotiate a pad discount well done mate, hope its a huge success
  3. cyrus troy


    Cheers Heavy1 nice to see so many faces around here
  4. cyrus troy


    Hello Zorro me old mate im very well thanks. i might just do that and stop around a while, ifs that ok with you fine people
  5. cyrus troy

    CCTV advice please

    im also looking at a wireless system, Camera needs to be outside, all weather and near a plug socket, i also don't want wires running though the house http://www.swann.com/us/dvrs-kits/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Digital-Wireless-Security-Camera-Monitor/dp/B00CLSSQ8W/ref=pd_sim_sbs_23_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1JQYNT484JQXGJQ8TAJ0&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_ haven't decided which one is for me because i just need one camera at the front and one at the back but i reckon im going to go one of there wireless camera's and maybe get a sparky in to put a plug socket near by as i want them outside so the local little angels can see it
  6. cyrus troy


    Hello Everyone Hope your all ok place is looking very good
  7. cyrus troy

    Hiya All I'm Back

    PMSL @ ste
  8. cyrus troy

    HELP online course

    its shame they changed the course work mate because you could of had my A+ book, however its well old now and they have split it into two sections the cheaper option would be get yourself the latest a+ book and study at home, the online course normally will go though the book anyway
  9. cyrus troy

    Hello again

    hellooooooooooooooo there
  10. cyrus troy

    Anyone have an email address for Dave (the mod)

    alright mate, hope everything is fine in your neck of the woods
  11. cyrus troy

    west Coast main line

    So looks like Virgin trains will be running this for a while yet What gets me is that this is the busiest line and its no wonder Sir Grab-a-lot doesn't want to loose it, i use this line quite alot when going to london and this is one observation i have made Virgin Birmingham to Euston 1hr 20 mins = £155 London Midland, Birmingham to Euston 2hr 10 mins = £70 So what am i actually getting for the extra £85, can it be argued well were getting you there quicker, but i would say well that means im spending less time on your train and your charging me more for that if we applied the same logic to taxi drivers yes we would all get there quicker but it would cost more Better seats maybe, not when your sat next to a 25 stone heffa and all you can do is look like a garfield stuck to the window No wonder they don't want to loose this line, its a right fecking cash cow
  12. cyrus troy

    Greeting and salutations

    hahaha very funny, yes im still alive and quite able to use the toilet by myself, great to see so many faces. Thank-you all for the warm welcome :Thumbs_Up1: :Thumbs_Up1:
  13. cyrus troy

    Greeting and salutations

    no real change there then :Winky:
  14. cyrus troy

    Greeting and salutations

    LOL cheers Ogre, hey Sak long time hope your ok Good to be here again :Smiler: :Smiler:
  15. cyrus troy

    Blast from the past

    hello, just got back myself as well, seems to be a old crew recruitment drive going on lol ;)