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A simple "Sit & Rise" test to predict your death

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A simple "Sit & Rise" test to predict your death

1. Stand and cross your legs at bottom near feet somewhat
2. Sit down without using any type of aid (hands, knee, side of leg, etc.)
3. Rise back to standing position without using any type of aid

It's being called the exercise test that can predict your death. A physician in Brazil used something called the sit/rise test to show his aging patients the risk of losing strength and flexibility.
The study found strength and balance are pretty good indicators of longevity.

Here's how it works:
 -You get 5 points for sitting and another 5 points for standing without any support
 -Subtract 1 point each time you use a hand, forearm, knee or side of the leg
 -Lose a half point if you lose your balance (stumble)

 8-10 points = GREAT
 6-7.5 = GOOD
 3.5-5.5 = FAIR
 0-3 = POOR (You're 6.5 times more likely to die earlier than those who scored high.)



*** For me, I got down without help fine (though it was a bit scary doing it - sort of like trusting someone to catch you as you fall backwards) but then I could not get up without using my hands. LOL

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