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  1. spidey

    Hows It

    Welcome! Make yourself at home!
  2. Wow! 49 posts, and you've only been here a few weeks! Well done! Welcome to Jamerspad and keep posting! The more conversations and games that you get involved in the more fun you'll have around here! Once again, welcome!
  3. LOL! Less than 200 behind you now!

  4. Welcome to the pad DT, but I wouldn't recommend stealing everyone's beer! We are now up to 2000 members, and DT would soon mean DeTox! LOL! Welcome aboard m8, as you can tell it's a silly place! Jamerspad aka Camelot
  5. Careful Beebo! I'm sneaking up on you in the post count. I just need another 300 or so posts to get by you...LOL!

  6. spidey


    Hello, and welcome to Jamerspad! Uploading and Downloading is great, but get to know the members to by joining in on the chats, or starting some of your own! Welcome Aboard!
  7. I welcome Death! Death 9298 that is! Welcome to the Pad m8!
  8. spidey


    Well, none of the other Canadians have posted here yet, so as the representative of the Canadian wing of Jamerspad, let me wish you a warm welcome to the coolest place in cyberspace!
  9. spidey

    Hi All

    Welcome aboard WildBill! It's nice to have some more North Americans on Jamerspad! Feel free to get involved in discussions, to ask questions, even to start am arguement or two! We actually like a good emotional arguement here, it stirs the pot a bit. Anyways, welcome aboard! It is a friendly place!
  10. spidey


    Welcome aboard m8! Tell us a bit about yourself! Post often! Jump into the discussions!
  11. spidey


    Welcome! Look around, find an area that interests you and start posting! As soon as you start, you'll find it hard to stop. Trust me, It wasn't that long ago that I was introducing myself! :Happy:
  12. Only 1,277 to go Sharky...LOL! (edit: OOPS! Make that 1278 high quality posts!)
  13. It won't surprise me one bit! :Study: I've been lapped by you more than once, and you are the talkative one! Bring it on! :Clown:
  14. Wow! It seems that "Sharky" has returned to Jamerspad after more than a year's absence! :Surprise: Welcome back Sharky!
  15. Welcome to Jamerspad. We have an area where you will fit right in, and its right HERE!
  16. Welcome one and all to the friendliest place on the web. Dive in to all the forums, and post often! We won't bite, unless that is your stated preference!
  17. Welcome to Jamerspad! Explore the place and feel free to post often!
  18. spidey

    Nice board

    Welcome! Please post again!
  19. spidey


    Excellent advice! You might also want to right click on that speaker icon and "open the volume control", make sure that all inputs are turned up, and that none of them are muted!
  20. spidey


    Welcome Bravo! Kick off your shoes and stay a while!
  21. spidey


    Welcome! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from? What are your interests? How did you find this little pocket of depravity amazing board full of friendly people?
  22. Riel, was also a controvercial political personage in Canadian History. Led a Métis (People of combined Aboriginal/ French descent) rebellion in the late 1880's, and in a way brought Manitoba into Confederation, but was hung as a traitorby the primarily British government of the time.HERE Anyways, welcome to Jamerspad What is Riel, it is a great placed to unwind. Most of us are friendly...LOL!
  23. Welcome to Jamerspad! It is a great place and we are a friendly bunch!
  24. Too late, you're both banned! Oh that's right, I can't ban anyone! In that case, welcome to Jamerspad, enjoy the stay, its a great place!
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