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  1. RIP Dave. A sad loss indeed.

    As Gazza said I too never had the pleasure of meeting him, but regarded Dave as a friend.


    Sincere condolences to Dave's wife and family.


  2. There was a woman at the back of me let her dog shit on the grass near my house. I told her if my kids (long time ago) came in the house with dog shit on their shoes, i would collect a load of it and shove it through her letterbox.

    Never did it again 👍

    I have 2 dogs and always pick up after them. Irresponsible dog owners make my blood boil 🤬


  3. Had the first two then a booster.

    No effect from the first two, but started shivering with the booster about 24 hours after getting it.

    Was fine the next morning.

    I'm still avoiding very crowded places and taking reasonable care when out.


  4. I know what you mean Gazza.

    They've recently spent hundreds of thousands closing our Costal Road and widening the cycle paths.

    So some knob decided that's not for him but the better option was to use the road and hold up all the traffic in a 50mph zone.

    I told him he was a selfish tnuc as I passed him. WFT is wrong with them?

    Were getting cycle lanes shove down our throats and all they do is cycle on the pavements 🤬


  5. I hope that your son doesn't suffer too badly with the virus.

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for your son, and that you don't catch it Dave.


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