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  1. Has anyone got access to Companies House database?


    I'm about to upset the high ups at TUI (Thompsons Group) if someone could provide info regarding fat cats residing in the UK.


    I've just had a Dear John - get stuffed letter, from their CS and I'm not a happy bunny.


    If that's they're idea of CS they might as well shut the doors right now so at least people will know from the outset that they don't give a $hit.


    If you can help please post here or PM me.


    Thanks in advance :Thumbs_Up1:

  2. Yea bet that extra money from the state pension will come in handy m8 :He-he: , trust you have great day.





    Not quite there yet all1 :Fun:


    Thanks to all for reminding me that another year has flown by :Cry:

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