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  1. Thanks for the welcome Sparks...this place is so wonderful to drop into now and again and have some good debates! One person that could REALLY answer your question would be my son, 'Cujo'...I am embarrassed to admit that my knowledge of the Canadian debt issues and politics are limited...I know that our banks have very tight borrowing policies...which probably helped somewhat...and we are taxed quite a bit...we have a GST tax and a PST(provincial) tax and now a replaced combined provincial/Canadian HST tax...so we are taxed A LOT to cover the expenses of the Health Care coverage etc...but people with lesser incomes get a mini tax refund periodially to help them... That is embarrassing to admit the best that I can answer your question...I am sure that other Canadians ...AlaricM for excample could answer this question better...or Spidey...
  2. Your presence sure has been missed! It is great to have you back! Glad to hear that you and Maggie are doing well!
  3. :thumbsup: Welcome!
  4. DJ...You are so right...there is NO tea like Tetley!! Your family should be keeping you stocked up in Tetley tea...hint hint to Boltie, Tina, etc etc......
  5. Hello and welcome! :Smiler:
  6. Hi and welcome...we enjoy our rants on here and it's great to have another ranter join us! :thumbsup:
  7. :Happy: Thank you Derrin and I'll try my best to make the posts acceptable ones! Thank you too Spidey BTW...I DO intend to kick your ass in posts though! :Happy:
  8. OMG it's true...and watch your ass there Spidey--I'll soon catch up to your post count! :Surprise:
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