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used to do it but it will max out at about 300 texts now


you can try using sites that do free sms

do a copy and paste of some sms to notepad

get about 20 site that let you do the free sms paste in the text on all of them

then hit send send send as fast as you can then back at the 1st one paste in more text

hit send then the 2nd one and so on and so on you can do about 5 free texts per site.


here is one to get you started




we need to get a list made up can any body post more

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I had a lot of them at one time but most will not work anymore I did a 50+sms hit to my number and only a hand full got to my phone.


From what I've read you need to change whats written every 5-6 text and after so many texts they need to come from different phone numbers

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