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  1. I set Background Intelligent Transfer Service to disabled too (just to add icing to the cake)
  2. West Norfolk (where I live) at 7 o clock last night - they weren't so lucky in 1953. https://www.facebook.com/HunstantonShoppingbytheSea It was due to reach Gt Yarmouth (where Ogre lives) around 10 - 10.30 A friend of mine, 12 miles up the coast, at Brancaster Staithe was flooded (living room ankle deep in sea water) but they live right on the edge of the salt marsh, so basically it will only have affected low lying areas Edit: friend's ground floor waist deep - poor sods!
  3. I use this one - good for up to 200MB per file http://www.zippyshare.com/ :)
  4. Don't worry - how can you possibly win? Woman opens door - slightly dirty toilet: "eww I can't pee there!" Man opens door - pile of dead bodies: "this must be where you p i ss" What's the problem? :D
  5. 2ndLoser

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone :)
  6. More greed from bt: http://www.thinkbroa...nuary-2013.html
  7. OMG we took gold in the mens double trap skeet shooting, if only the clays had been black not pink and America would've taken it! :D
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    Just wondered

    Not sure - the metrification board was abandoned long ago - that's why we buy fuel in litres yet we do miles per gallon and our cars are in miles per hour and our signposts are still in miles. We buy fruit and veg in kilos but everyone reverts to a kilo being about two pounds, thank god we still drink pints... Somebody didn't think this through did they? :D
  9. I haven't seen such a fuss made over a floating queen since Michael Barrymore's party...
  10. Not saying that anything American is right but President Clinton introduced a scheme where the poorest areas were given clinics that provided free education, contraception and abortion in return for which only one child would be supported by the benefit system - this cut teenage pregnancies in some areas by 75%. Then the republicans got in and shut them all down
  11. My wife went to a meeting at the Jobcenter Plus today and found out some things that neither she nor I knew about current / future government policies: There are thirty families nation wide whose members are fourth generation benefit claimers that benefit agencies are currently targetting, some of whom have 13 children. These people are visited, often in the early hours of the morning. Single mothers who regularly have children by different fathers and refuse educational help when offered will be denied benefit for further children. That's not unreasonable :D
  12. "Cor jesus you don't have much choice do you?" Unless you live in a city you don't have a choice... whats the Best unlimited broadband only deals? Enternet (ADSL24) - Broadband Only 19.00 per month Monthly Allowance: 30gig Peak, 300gig Off Peak + 1 month rolling contract (No Lock In)
  13. It's for the secret firework display finale - in keeping with the spirit that it's all got to be a collosal waste of money we're going to shoot down half a dozen attack helicopters at the end of the games! That'll be worth watching...
  14. I hope the yanks do execute them - it might bring an end to the extradition treaty...
  15. Do we need the likes of Abu Hamza? If we don't let the yanks have him wouldn't it make a mockery of the extradition treaty under which you don't have to be charged with an offence in the UK, as has happened a couple of times already, - why should this low life be exempt?
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