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Anyone into playing the electric guitar

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It's a Squier Fender strat copy. (made under licence from Fender.)


To be honest, a serious player wouldn't touch one.

They are made in China or Malaysia so the price new is a quarter of a Fender made in America. 

That one would be about £150 - £200 new.


And the big problem with them is they warp. Sometimes only very slightly but it puts them out of tune from above the 5th fret.


Don't let me put anyone off though..........they are a great 'first guitar' and you would probably never notice the few Htz out of tune.

Not unless you join a band or jam with someone then if you both hit the same note there would be a horrible resonance.


On the plus side, they have a beautiful action, and good amps (electronic not tube) are reasonably cheap these days and they come with all sorts of effects already dialed in.


People think because it says Fender on it - it's a Fender. Squier make guitars under licence for all the top Guitar makers including Gibson. 

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All i can tell you is someone paid £100 for it, not me but someone else can't bung it on ebay for various rason and no it's not nicked, if nobody is intrested i'll bung it in the local rag for a few quid.



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