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  1. Blackrat


    So, no one knows anything about the murdering bomber ba5tard Mandela then?
  2. Blackrat


    Now Mandela is at death's door and Jacob Zuma (head of the Marxist ANC party) is cosying up to the great man for the qudos it gives him (the ba5tard), can someone please tell me why Mandela was so revered when he was released from Robbin Island prison (apart from just being a figurehead for anti-racism)? I know he was sent to Robbin Island after a trial for conspiracy in the blowing up of a train in which many people died. A train with only white men, woman and children aboard which make his attack racial motivated. I've looked on the net but different views abound. His early years seem to be
  3. All wrong. I don't care how long ago it was, if there is evidence of a crime then the police must investigate. Following on from that, if there is sufficient evidence to charge someone then they must be charged. FULL STOP. It's down to the court if someone is guilty or innocent - not the police, not the CPS and certainly not the press or individual members of the public who haven't got the first idea about what evidence is or isn't available in each specific case. There is none of this stupid 'statute of limitations' in the UK - a crime is a crime. Stuart Hall has just admitted
  4. Haha. To all you Muppets that thought the world was going to end: Congratulations, you're still Muppets.
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone at Jamers. Have a great day and don't get drunk before lunch.
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