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  1. Yes - house, hard dance, techno, trip-rave, trance. - i dont do GOA and gabber its too fast to dance to
  2. while i was Navy, most my entire family is Marines. This is sad the gov*t is getting people involved in wars that do not apply to many of us. big question is here in the US we are all broke, and theres no telling where the money is coming from to pay for this
  3. i have always used in order of pref: 1- Blaupunkt 2- Sony 3- Alpine and seeing how i am not over there i am of not much use but choices i guess good luck mate
  4. i signed myself just now. it is kinda of pathetic we cannot photo or video our own kids performances. used to think it was due to the function wanting to sell its own studio copy of the event ... i was wrong great post
  5. it is a pleasure to be a part of your forum. i look foward to a long trip here, with lots to share. in advance - thanks to all staff, admin and mods for what you do - i am also doing same elsewhere. i read the rules as well. simple enough. you will find me filling requests if i have it, and posting club music and DJ software and plugins. if i can ever be of help to any of you, post your requests in the requests forum. I am a Pro DJ. play on the local level in southeast USA playing rave, techno, and trance clubs, and share my mixes on a global level. you may have heard of me from the 80s / 90s. I also still create digital mixes for the masses - so the rest of the world can bounce as well. the quality is normally Mp3 @ 320 @ 44.1 @ Stereo, unless wav/ogg are requested. If any of the links in my share posts go dead, drop me a pm and i will re-up speaking of my shares - most are my purchase, rip, code, and upload i am very specific about where i post my shares only on trusted forums leechers go away - please do not post my shares on other forums - thank you peace
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