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If there is a God...

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He works in cold hard cash :Scull:


For the last year my transport business has been slowly but surely going down the tubes from loss of work with customers cutting back due to the financial crisis. My income this year was projected to be over £25000 down on 2009, and expenses over £12000 up. My monthly income after all the XX's was down from £4.5K last year to well below £2K now :Cry: and for the last month I've been seriously considering winding up the company around Christmas time if things did not pick up.


In order to get some much needed funds in, last month I took on a job to clear out some store rooms under 4 blocks of apartments in Oslo, for £5K. It's taken myself and a friend 4 weeks to complete, but we were only working 2 and a half days a week on it, and we've moved more than 20 tons of crap to the dump. We had a few gems that we found in amongst it all, that have increased the money to just over £8K, and we managed to get the local Polish dustmen to take away a lot of stuff for a small back-hander :Teeth: But the real gem has just struck this evening . . .


I have just been asked if we will take on the job of maintenance managers for the blocks, and after seeing the figures I have accepted.


I am now the maintenance manager for this set of apartment blocks: Google maps link on the princely sum of Kr65000 a month (about £7K), after tax etc, that should be around £5K, and for that I have to be on site for general maintenance and cleaning work about 3 days a week for 3 or 4 hours a day, any extra work is classed as callouts and earns Kr400 (£40) an hour.


Most Norgies wouldn't even entertain this sort of work, they're all after IT or high tech stuff, but someone has to do it, and it pays well, so why not me :Thumbs_Up1:



Onward and upwards . . . . this time next year we'll be millionaires . . . . well, not quite :Laugh:

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