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Piers Morgan Twiiter Comments lol


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I had a chuckle at that when I first heard it on 5live...


I admire people who don't change their viewpoint simply because they have aged!




There is another point that rich smug gits like Piers Moron just don't understand....Whilst there is a temporary economic 'bonus', that money is not spent elsewhere so overall there is no gain.


But there are the hidden costs. The wife's firm is a non profit making charity that provides services for social care....On top of the 20% savings they are struggling to make this year, the enforced bank holiday cost them £40k....So they have no choice but to lose two workers, and she has to personally fire one of them!


Still, at least they can comfort themselves with the fact that they will have contributed towards all that self indulgence!




Oh, and it gets better...next year we have the jubillee 'celebration' for the scrounger in chief...That'll only cost £38k (due to everyone having an enforced 5% pay cut), but will mean a further two job losses!


These are jobs that won't come back, and are not only personal tragedies but an erosion of care for very needy people! :Furious:



btw...whilst plod were arresting people 'on suspicion' before committing a crime, why did they not do anything when a blatant offence took place - namely two different plates on daddy's aston on the 'queens highway'!



UK 2011:




More to come next year!


A taste of the future?



All together now...(to the tune of yellow submarine)


"we all live in a fascist regime..

a fascist regime

a fascist regime"!

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