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Casual Observation

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I had a moment the other day and stopped to ponder as I saw a person off in the distance and noticed that they were walking in a rather distinctive way. I admit that I am a people watcher at times and as I have travelled quite a bit I have observed a lot of people from diverse origins. I have found that a group of people from the same general area can share a common trait.

Things that I have noticed within these "groups". Some groups have darker than average skin...and some lighter. Some groups are more reddish, some perhaps olive. Some groups are shorter and some taller. One I am thinking of share a distinctive butt that jumps out of their back and forms a ledge. This appears to develop between the ages of 18 and 24(perhaps when they stop growing up the growth hormone changes direction). Another group may share similarly crooked teeth, or perhaps hair colour be it blond, red or black. I think that all of us have seen this and at times we have observed a trait and guessed the origin of an individual. I suppose this is a form of profiling and as such may be frowned upon by some but I am not saying that outward appearance can give information on their demeanour, just perhaps their ancestry. So as you can see, different groups, usually from the same geographic district or country, can share common features.

Now just the other day I almost had this conversation with Jamer himself, and if I had he might have asked me whether or not I had ever notirthcoming. But what about you. Does intelligence thrive in some areas of the world and shy away from others. Is there a group somewhere that is constantly looking over their should and walking into a telephone pole?

Any thoughts? And be kind.

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