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  1. You all are just seeing the beginning. Be prepared to lose all of the rights that you have enjoyed for years. Over on this side of the pond, Unless you are of a certain skin color, religious persuasion or political party you are screwed. I always say that I am glad that I am the age that I am as I don't want to be around to see the country that I love and that so many good men and women fought and died for to create and protect go down the shi**er.
  2. Does anyone know what his first name was or what his approximate age was?
  3. Happy New Year from the United States.
  4. I want to wish all of my Jamers brothers and sisters a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year and God Bless all of you.
  5. From the other side of the pond, I must say that I was surprised by the vote. I think it went the way it needed to for Great Britain to retain its' independence. With Angela Merkel trying to set a quota of how many immigrants you have to take in is a crock of crap. In the US right now our government is wanting to give our country away to whomever wants it. I am afraid that if Clinton gets in, we will never survive. Like you, we need to control our borders but our government is so full of bleeding heart liberals they seem to think that we can absorb the whole world. Our infrastructure is
  6. heavy1


    Why don't you buy one of those compressed air horns? A while back, I saw a spot on the internet where someone showed how to make one out of an old prescription drug bottle. Just a thought.
  7. Merry and Blessed Christmas to all of my Jamer's brothers and sisters.
  8. heavy1


    Welcome back CT. Jamer does one heck of a job with the site. You are one of some of the older members coming back home. I hope you will hang around and bring the site back to the lively place it was once upon a time. heavy1
  9. heavy1

    not dead yet

    Another lost sheep finds it's way back home. Glad you came back.
  10. I also want to wish all of my Jamers brothers and sisters a Happy and Blessed New Year.
  11. Welcome back Bod. It's too bad that we can't get some of the other "old timers" back as well.
  12. We have a combination microwave/convection and it is really handy, especially if you need to cook something and your regular oven is in use. It is a mountable or counter-top microwave.
  13. This is a really neat site. I can see a lot of time being wasted watching the different airports.
  14. That is flat out spooky. If they were able to hide the joints in the legs, shoulders and fingers it would be hard to believe it is a robot.
  15. heavy1

    RIP Milky

    I didn't know Milky personally as some of you seemed to, but I do remember him posting. May he rest in peace and God Bless his family.
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