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  1. Hello Mr Dead nice to see more old members here
  2. 1576

    not dead yet

    Doing ok thanks. Work is still mental but with the added complication of our business being bought recently by a French giant. Computer interest for me these days is focused on 3d drawing so am glued to a laptop most nights if I'm not playing judo
  3. 1576

    not dead yet

    Hello everyone, Seems like an age since I was here last. Glad to see some familiar names still around. Hope you're all doing well
  4. 1576

    Happy New Year

    Haven't been around for ages but on my third attempt remembered my username and password. Happy New Year fellas.
  5. 1576

    hello everyone

    Started in Linhai City, then onto Nanjing. In Yixing right now, and will be in shanghai for the next two days before flying home.
  6. Yeah happy birthday mate, hope you have a good one
  7. 1576

    hello everyone

    Part of my job is product design so I'm visiting suppliers. I'm here three or four times each year. It's a dirty job but someone's hot to do it lol
  8. 1576

    hello everyone

    Currently in China, enjoying a beer or two in the hotel bar. Thought I'd drop in and say hello :)
  9. lol around the corner from my old house, just an older property with more potential. Kettering, Northants.
  10. Very busy with work, family etc. and moved into a house that needs a lot of maintenance. Dont spend much time online these days and lots of people I used to talk to have kind of moved onto other priorities. Still, its nice that some of you remember me, and hopefully I can look in on a far more regular basis.
  11. Wow, seems like a lfetime ago since I posted here last. Just about remembered my login details and would like to say hi to all the old and new guys/girls here. Thanks for the email reminder. Regards Mr. 1576 :Fun:
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