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  1. What was the question.....

  2. daveb47


    If they do i aint talking to them lol.... :Fun:
  3. Looks like one has just returned lol Good to see u back m8
  4. daveb47

    If you could

    If you could go back in time and rearrange things when would you go back to and how old would you want to be.(Forgot to say that you would still know what you know now) & why.
  5. daveb47

    bad taste.....

    No comment needed..............
  6. daveb47

    Site emails

    Totally none important in all aspects Phil......
  7. daveb47

    Site emails

    I havnt had any lol
  8. He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's miserable and depressed
  9. Bearing in mind Cameroons refusal to publish his or any of his cabinets tax details i reckon one of his has to be my favorite... "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE THEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR" Hmmmm.....
  10. Only if you include windows..... :Nervous:
  11. I just had a bloody great plane taxi past my house...... http://taxi.ba.com/
  12. Having a play with a Raspberry myself,Also use linux quite a bit,Why not just have a none windows forum that will cover it all
  13. daveb47

    bad taste.....

    Stereo stupidity....
  14. Hello Flump, See you have been waving your beanstalk around again........ Congrats to you both m8
  15. daveb47

    bad taste.....

    Raise you this lol
  16. Some people have terrible taste,hows this for a set of wheels for your car. Come on lets have a thread about bad car accessories etc.
  17. If you need a bit of webspace,& a gallery script i can sort something out for you m8.Free of course. You will either need a domain name or i can do you a subdomain on one of mine.
  18. daveb47


    Its a shame m8,but good luck to you in all you do.
  19. Just set jamers to be my homepage,it was for many years but got changed to my own site. But back again now,first place i go to anyway lol How many more of you use here as your homepage?
  20. daveb47


    Well i have to admit that i for one will be truly upset if you go Clive,We have known each other a long time on here m8,both been thtough bad patches but also had a laugh as well. think it through m8,you will be losing a lot,as will jamers. You should know by now that many of the posts arejust little windups and mean nothing really. Problem was with sparks was that he was always arrogently correct and wouldnt ever admit being even slightly wrong,it was like a religeon that had to be forced on to everyone regardless. You have your opinions but at least you could discuss them inteligently. Think again m8. Cheers Dave
  21. daveb47


    All sorted i hope,had forgotten to forward pasv
  22. Been to little kosopvo this morning,used to be known as our local boot sale,sure i heard an english voice at one point.....lol
  23. daveb47


    Thanx Roy,Unfortunately been there done that lol, several times,bloody router doesnt seem to be forwarding ports, Feeling a bit better today so going to have another go.
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