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  1. Brett001


    I just love drones but can't afford one yet, love the footage DJ
  2. Happy new year to everybody at Jamers
  3. So is there a spare disabled bay now then? lol
  4. Lanzarote is a nice place, I went there 3 years ago but want to go back, the only other place I have been is Ibiza but that was with a load of mates, still a nice place, saw lots of families and kids there.
  5. Brett001

    And finally

    Congratulations macs have a wonderful retirement :Thumbs_Up1: :Thumbs_Up1: :Thumbs_Up1:
  6. I am not going to get into this argument but in my opinion most of the people with disabled badges are hardly disabled. Secondly, if they made the parking spaces sensible sizes then we would all be happy (they are clearly way too small) but I would be parking in either Mother & Baby or Disabled spaces too if I had a 4x4 or expensive vehicle as in Jamer's case as some people could not care less what damage the cause.
  7. Complete Joke and they have the cheek to drive off
  8. Brett001

    Merry Christmas

    I wish you all very happy xmas
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