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  1. Ghost

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year folks
  2. Some names from the past here
  3. Ghost

    Happy Christmas

    I must of missed this one, Merry Xmas everyone, Pad has gone a little quite over the past few months lets hope to see more of you all in 2017
  4. What is it? Do you have a photo and details because my best mate is into his electric guitars
  5. Ghost


    I have been told that the batteries do not last long when flying drones and i mean 5-10 mins or so is this correct?
  6. Ghost

    RIP Milky

    RIP Terry I have fond memories of you.
  7. Thanks to the disabled person who parked on the corner on double yellow lines! I pulled around him and a hit me coming into the road as I was temporarily on his side!
  8. It's great to see you back with your buddies
  9. Not sure I agree with the start of name calling, I assume that is directed at Jamer? however, If Jamer or anyone else parks in these spaces (in their words) when its late at night or when there are plenty of spaces available then I don't have an issue with it. I have a blue badge but I hardly use it, I applied for it a few years ago when I had a problem with a slipped disk. I was awarded it because I could not walk over 100 metres without being in pain (Hardly disabled), tbh I argued with a friend who suggested I apply and I never in a million years thought I would get one, but there you go. So on the flip side of this for all you people that are condemning people for parking in these bays without a badge, the system is all wrong and to actually get one is not that difficult at all in my experience. If they provided people with larger vehicle bigger spaces I also believe this would eliminate a lot of this, I think most don't park in them because its closer to the stores, they park in them because normal spaces are hardly big enough for a Fiesta! This statement is really odd, what about people who have vans or are self employed, delivery vehicles... you would soon moan if your boiler broke and the plumber turned up in a car without a replacement because his car was not big enough to carry it 'what a stupid comment'
  10. Ghost

    Banger Bargains

    Nice little site Dave hope it starts to get busy for you. Maybe advertise it locally or on Twitter
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