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power of attorney, living will etc need some serious input

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HI All, not a great post this one but something that i have to do while i can.

I have just had a stroke  and have come out of this on very well, compared to others i had seen on the wards. and has made me to make some life changing decisions.

Now i know the only thing in life that is guaranteed is we will all die one day, however one fear i now have is having another stroke and being left a vegetable (no fooking emoji for that one Jamer) and i do not want that for myself or my Mrs although she says she would be happy to look after me but i can't face that, so some things i need to work out, first off she know sod all about the internet so all bill will be changed to a provider that works offline not ONLY online, all bills will be joint name, bank accounts have already been done.

On top of this comes a very sticky issue and that is what happens to me when i have another stroke and I’m a veggie, well for me it's easy give me a massive overdose of some drug and send me on my way like i would do with a pet (if i had one) but this cannot happen in the uk if my understanding is right, I want to be able to have something drawn up that nobody can object to saying if I’m in a situation where i have no control over making my own decisions then I would want the quickest way to die, which i presume would be withdrawing of all food and fluids that way i guess i would be dead within a week not as quick as i would have liked but at it's only a week of suffering not decades.


In a nutshell IMO English law if fooked up in this kind of area and am looking for the best way to die (meaning quickest) rather than being stuck in my own body with some stranger wiping my backside, now having said that if there is no realistic way of doing something like this I will be left with no option but to look at jumping before being pushed and that is not something i can discuss in any great detail on here as Jamer could be in the dodo, but if you want to chat away from here drop me a PM and I will give you my email addy or mobile number.




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Shit man !
That's some serious stuff !

I don't know where to start on this one, but I do/did have a mate that took the Dignitas Clinic route a couple of years ago....... totally in secret, none of us knew anything until the day after she did it !

I'm NOT recommending that, I never would, I'd always be the one to err on the side of "it will all be OK with the right care and attention from yourself and your medics", but if it ever does look like the prognosis is BAD, and I mean very BAD...........

I'm saying no more.

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Sorry to hear that mate

It's a dilemma we've all thought about. 

Having seen my wifes auntie turn in to a lump of living meat with no bowel control and unable to eat or drink - so they hooked her up to a drip for food and water???

I said I don't ever want to be like that - but it happens in degrees - slowly.



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