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  1. Cheers Col, same to you Betka & the kids
  2. McEwan


    well hello stranger, how goes it?
  3. thanks rother tried a different PC and it worked
  4. did the same and it says 'invalid download link'
  5. thanks Rother, doesn't seem to want to let me d/load it :(
  6. hail great chefs of the forum I used to have a recipe for a curry base that I got from a site called pan-warrior ( site now gone) it was a spin-off from that other forum with football and 365 in its name. The recipe was called something like Scouser tommy's Indian Curry Base. Does anyone here have it, or know where to find it online? from memory it was around 3.5lts of curry gravy made from something like 11 onions and 6 carrots etc....it made a fantastic base to be used in whatever different curry recipe you wanted, I used it a few times and loved it, but due to a dead HDD it is long gone cheers
  7. well hullo again stimps!
  8. All the best mate, have a good one!
  9. McEwan

    And finally

    Congratulations mate, enjoy your day and all the rest to come! :Thumbs_Up1:
  10. McEwan

    Hi All

    good to see you back mate
  11. McEwan

    hi guys

    fit like quine? been a wee while...
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