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  1. Hmmm well erm..........

  2. Jedi.Warrior

    Old names...

    Not here as much as I used to be, and I totally agree with and1and sites like facebook and twitter are killing off sites like this, but we few who still pop in can keep this place alive, Jamer did a hell of a job setting this place up all those years ago and keeping it running for so long we cant let the place just vanish into the night!
  3. How can we forget you bud, mind not been on here myself for a while either!
  4. 8/10 Should I start carrying my UK passport just as a precaution?
  5. Dunno if its me being paranoid or what but there seems to be some weird electrical hic ups going on in my home! as you no I had a problem with a Beko freezer that seemed to randomly de-frost! the shop currently has the item on extended test in the shop and have supplied us with an old Brandt frost free freezer, now that has started to do the same!!! we have also noticed the LED light bar in the kitchen has developed a random flicker and is slowly blowing the LEDs one at a time! Mine and my daughters laptops get random power supply warnings and when they do we get static shocks from the case! every now and then the cooker blows the main trip, all of this seems to happen around the same time My microwave every now and then when used wipes out my wifi network and if your in the kitchen when it is used your mobile phone looses its signal! (we bought it new 3 months ago) could all this be connected? is there anything I could get to check my supply of do I need to get the electric board in?
  6. Well the freezer came back after being fitted with a new compressor, ran fine for a week then WHAM! defrosted again, so another call to the store I got it from and back it went AGAIN!, came back 5 days later working fine then today WHAM! defrosted again!!!!! after a call again they are picking it up tomorrow morning and giving me a loaner to tide me over while they fully test it for a couple of weeks I have to ad that the freezer is second hand as I could not afford a new one at this time but was told it was under 2 years old and had come in as a part EX on a new model a few days prior to me buying it, the man at the shop wonders if the person who part exed it was aware of this particular problem and chose to get rid without telling them it had a problem!!!!
  7. Sure I remember seeing a laptop thingy in one of those poundland type shops a few weeks back, it had like a memory foam backing to make it comfy on your legs and even plugged into a spare usb on your lappy to power the cooling fans that were built into the tray (I guess you could call it that!) Pretty sure they were only about £10 or £15
  8. phoned em at 8:30 this morning, they are collecting the freezer today, told me to turn it off and empty it ready, bloke i spoke to just now said it sounds to be a faulty defrost timer, good job my brother inlaw had an empty chest freezer in his garage, there was over £200 worth of food in the thing!
  9. I have a Beko upright frost free freezer model no TZDA627FW every so often the bloody thing defrosts completely without warning, red light comes on and temp goes up to plus 2 degrees, food starts to go soft then wham! it freezes again! if its the auto defrost should it be doing this ever week or so, also noticed that when the wife hammers the Dryer (non condensing) the thing starts to defrost again!, could this be a contributing factor? Shop it came from have looked at it and cant find nothing wrong, they tested it and said it froze down normally for them and maintained temp for 24 hours as I type the thing has just defrosted again, took 3 hours to reach plus 2 from minus 19! and is now starting to freeze again!!!!
  10. Could you still use the old trick of copying it and sending it to yourself registered so it has to be signed for and thus recorded but not open the delivery? I did hear this would for some things
  11. Bloody well done, a few more like him this country needs Makes me proud to be a yorkshireman
  12. Were on our second grill now, 1st one lasted 7 years of nearly daily abuse until one day it blew the mains off! now have a 10 portion version and we swear by it, ALL out meat products are done in it (except bacon!), even tried fish a few times, but fish fingers are a no!!!! in short its the best gadget for the kitchen we have bought, and even the wife can now cook steak to perfection!!!!! :Thumbs_Up1:
  13. According to down for everyone the Herald site is up! Maybe its being geoblocked to England and Wales! :Surprise:
  14. Was laying a bloody long cable!!!!! :Uhh:
  15. Bloody glad I never signed up to them when I had a load of becks ring pulls (they had codes for free downloads from play.con but you had to sign up to get them)
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