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  1. Wow 20 years, not called in for a while but just wanted to say congratulations, not many forums last that long, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY
  2. I'm sure most of us oldies are still lurking in the wings lol
  3. jasram

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    And another arrives lol
  4. jasram

    Site emails

    I've had at least 8 about the new apple forum lol
  5. jasram


    Bloody sad day Alloneword has been here forever
  6. Well I have faith lol £50 @ 16-1 to win the whole thing Cheers Jase
  7. Hi guys Do any of you lot keep snakes? I have a 4ft long male corn snake and a 2ft female Royal Python. I'm thinking of adding a Boa Constrictor to my collection and was wondering If anyone has kept one before? Cheers Jase
  8. All the best for the coming year :Thumbs_Up1: :Thumbs_Up1:
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