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  1. What do we want? ANOTHER REFERENDUM! When do we want it? WHENEVER WE LOSE!
  2. Never liked Chris Evans,Clarckson and co need to get on ITV that will kill top gear.
  3. 5th dec Jamer going with jet2 who are usually expensive,But got a good price this time.Happy with the car hire price,Paid £400 for 12 days car hire in Marbella last year thieving sods.
  4. It was May this year Derren we loved the sun,Paid £223 all inclusive then that really was a bargain,Could have got one for £270 this time but trip adviser had a few bad reports about that hotel.so went for the Aloe.Did look at Crete a couple of months back but things happened and we had to forget about it for a month or two.
  5. Just booked a week all inclusive to the Aloe club resort in Corralejo,Anyone been there.Bit dearer this time but its from my local airport Leeds Bradford,£308 each all in.Booked a car at autoriesen as per last time.I think the cars gone up a bit this time 88 euros but i take the top up to cover wheel damage and undercarriage.Thats about an extra 20 euro's on top of the 88 euro's.I'm sure it was 88 all in last time.
  6. I once timed the wife cooking some bacon one morning ,In the normal oven it took about 35 minutes from start to finish.I saw a small oven at Lidl £20 in them days £30 now,Bought one stuck it on the worktop and when the wife saw it she said it'll never get used,Well was she wrong it gets used virtually every day.Bacon takes about 10 minutes in it,Won't take a chicken but chops chicken breast pizza's etc its perfect.She wouldn't be without it now,And it must have saved a fair bit of money in electric.
  7. Its unbelievable in this day and age for us to be forced to pay for a tv channel.I think if they make it a non criminal offence,I might just risk not having one as if they catch you and start proceedings you could just pay for the licence.They would probably drop the case then.When i think of the cash iv'e spent on a bbc licence over the years it does me off.
  8. Had a fantastic week Jamer stayed all inclusive at the sol lanzarote near the airport £860 for me and the mrs seaview room overlooking the pool Could watch the planes flying in just above the sea,Lovely hotel food fantastic,Loved that place we will be going back,Didn't bother with a car this time i just wanted to chill out and do sod all as i'd just done 16 weeks 6 days a week working.We did a couple of coach trips one to a market in Teguise,And a trip to play blanca which we loved,Probably go there next time to the Rubicon if i can find a deal.Weather 25c to 30c all week cars are dirt cheap to hire i will hire one next time.I'll sort some pictures out later.
  9. Manchester i did have a look at autoreisen and the all in with insurance doesn't cover tyres wheel rims etc,I know its a scam to get more insurance money out of us.We had that scam in Marbella in june.cost us an extra £100 on top of rip off petrol and hire £460 with a full tank for a piccaso in june this year.We made sure the low petrol light was flashing when we took it back.
  10. Going 31st thursday next week back on 7th november.
  11. Jamer where do you get car hire for £76,I just had a quick serach and was getting quotes around £330 for a week.I got a week all inclusive at the sol Lanzarote for £430 each all in.Including free parking at manchester and £20 of euros on a cash card thrown in. Just found cabrera medina car hire seem cheap unless theres a catch.
  12. Thanks jamer was hoping for around £400 do you book flights seperate then find hotels,3 or 4 star should be ok .
  13. Preferably Leeds Bradford Jamer but Manchester will do at a push.
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