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  1. All fine here, but thanks for asking. Hope all OK with you all.
  2. I remember that he was loving his politics.
  3. I hate it when members return from not posting for ages :Fun:
  4. mmm when I was a teenager and change a couple of mistake. Hindsight hey
  5. Jamers Pad, hey? So what's all that about? There must be some weird people that used to frequent here... :Winky: Hi all :Smiler:
  6. totally agree boss. I used to go trick or treating. The whole community embraced it.
  7. all benefits should be means tested. Campaigners may bang on about people wrongly claiming benefits because they're working or they're not that ill, but the savings would be a pittance in comparison to if you means tested child benefit - even millionaires receive it!!!
  8. 25% cuts could result in society breaking down. Should we have a repeat of last winter, the country will come to a standstill. I'm sure some will claim that it already does, but I can assure you, it will be nothing like before - far less staff and many who are inexperienced. Expect chaos. And that's just the roads All in all, I predict the lib dems to quit the coalition as a result in two years
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