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  1. I also like a good western, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne (1907-1979), Audie Murphy (1925-1971), Robert Mitchum (1917-1997), Chuck Connors (1921–1992) and many, many more.
  2. I have just logged on for the first time in ... months. My apologies. I feel sorry for Jamers dilemma in the car park, there is no excuse for bad parking, just bad drivers. I also agree that parking bays are generally too small. You see people carriers, 4x4s and other larger vehicles more often nowadays then you did 10 or 20 years ago, yet the parking bays have not grown any bigger. What does sadden me (in this thread) is some of the ignorance shown towards disabled people. Being disabled does not mean having no use of the legs; in fact being disabled is not always physical, it can be a mental disability. You do not have to look disabled to be disabled. Ignorance. You do not have to look disabled to be disabled. Only disabled people who get the highest rate of the mobility component of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) are entitled, if they so choose, to use their allowance to lease a vehicle on the motability scheme. If they choose a more expensive vehicle then they must make up the difference with an upfront payment. Being disabled, people are more vulnerable and need a vehicle that is reliable. A new vehicle is generally more reliable (and under warranty) than a second-hand vehicle. It could be dangerous or life threatening if a disabled person broke down in their vehicle in the middle of nowhere, which is why a reliable vehicle is a must. Able-bodied people can also lease a vehicle, if they so choose, but not through the motability scheme, which is a charitable organisation. Ignorance. You do not have to look disabled to be disabled. The disabled bays are larger so that the disabled person can get in and out of a vehicle more easily. Often the car door needs to be fully open. Playing devils advocate here, I would say if you have a large vehicle and you are not disabled; then the onus is on you to park correctly. Ignorance. You are not aware of the Mr Grumpy or his disability or the car he uses.
  3. Some great images there, certainly bad taste but made me smile.
  4. I do a similar thing. Charge £25 if the job takes less than 2 hours. I generally charge £50 to £70 including all the back ups of data, emails, drivers etc.. and a re-install of all the software with all updates. Plus free tea and biscuits of course. I guess it depends on the job. In & out = £25, several hours = £50+ Good luck
  5. I am still using XP as it is still supported. I did try Win7 for a few hours on my new system and it has an email client built in called Windows Mail or something like that. You can import your accounts in to it as you would with Outlook and create backups. Then you can also have Windows Live Mail which I think is replacing Windows Mail. Microsoft still want to dominate the world, I'm afraid. When I eventually turn to the dark side (Win7) I might just use Yahoo as I'm with BT anyway. Why can't they (Microturdsoft) just re-make Windows 95/98 with a 2011 security makeover? They just make things so complicated with W,X,Y,Z built in when we don't need the extra crap, just a reliable operating system. Just call it Windows Basic 2011.
  6. I still have my gmail (google) account and a Yahoo account. Both free. I used to have a hotmail account too. I rarely used them except to register on the odd forum site <cough>. Mainly (99.99%) I use my ISP emails through Outlook Express. With 10 emails plus aliases there is no point today in using anyone else. My main email is for family and friends, the others are used when buying online including several ebay accounts. Except for the online receipt why keep years of emails? email addresses yes.
  7. Who said you CAN'T? Headteacher, teacher, support teacher, another parent, gardener, groundsman, security, the bloke with the thick rimmed glasses , wearing a dirty mac?
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