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Christ.... what next?

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I don't even have words on this one just sick.


There culture yada yada yada, what next?


A 10-year-old girl from Romania has given birth in southern Spain, officials in the region have said.


The girl gave birth to a daughter last week in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, said Andalucia's social affairs minister Micaela Navarro.


Officials are deciding whether the mother and her family can keep custody, Ms Navarro said.


The father of the baby is also believed to be a minor, aged 13, who is still in Romania, Spanish media have said.





What a world we inhabit!!



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Im sure there will be another out to beat that age sooner or later!

Girls start there periods as young as 8 years old in some places!

What sick parent would let there child go out and do that though beats me

At least social services are looking into the matter

Don't like them sort of ppl myself having had a run in with them after my divorce but i do hope they do whats best for both children!

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