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I need some advice on buying a Mac ?

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Not for me !!!!!!


A friend is looking to buy a Mac lappy as he wants to get into coding of games and he's been persuaded that a Mac is the way to go.

I'm going with him to the nearest "big town" Karlstad, tomorrow morning, but neither of us have a clue what to look for, and as there's no Mac store there, we are having to go to normal retailers, and I really don't want to see him get taken by some flash salesman on a percentage !!!


He doesn't want anything too flashy, complicated, overloaded with bumph, or large (15" is about as big as he wants to go), but he needs something that will last him a few years at least.


He's got his eye's on this one:

http://www.siba.se/datorer/barbara-datorer/macbook/apple-macbook-pro-mgxa2s-a-113781 (Sorry it's in Swedish Goolie translate it :-) )

Personally I think the hard drive is pitiful !!!!


What would you McFans advise.........



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I have the 13" version of the same Macbook Pro.


I have a separate network hard drive for all my larger files but depending on what he wants to use it for specification is excellent, he will NEVER look back I promise you that much!


He could upgrade it to 500gb for an extra £249, so double the flash storage. Don't forget you also have iCloud and Apple have reduced their prices a lot for the cloud, so you have additional storage there, so does he really need a bigger drive?

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Can't comment on Macs too much they are nicely designed that is for sure but the prices are stupid IMO at least Disk Turpin had the deceny to wear a mask, I upgrade my laptop from 1TB spinner to a 500GB SSD for just over £120, ok it was a good deal on Amazon but even £150 will cover it nowadays, and took all of 30 mins to install so says something about Apple and what it think of it's consumers IMO, but as Jamer says depends on what he needs it for, cloud is ok but has it's own drawbacks, one you need decent upload speeds and given i get 500k if i'm luck i think that is a sore point with me but more worrying is you are trusting YOUR data with someone else, i'm not talking about hacking account or anything like that it just means you dont have full control and personally i like to be in control of my data.


Maybe OT some of my rants but lots of bods i know do like the mac OS and will not go back to windows, me the only advantage macs have is less virus issues, however i'd say he needs to do more research into IF mac is best for his needs personally i have no idea but it seems strange use a mac to code for windows, i don't know just seems weird to me.



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I have been using macs since 2007 and I would never go back to using windows through choice, it is more than just no viruses, it just works, everything works seamlessly, I cannot honestly ever remember having any issues, seriously, you need to try one for a week and then you will appreciate what I am saying. I appreciate they are not cheap but I guess you only get what you pay for and I would rather pay the difference and be issue free.

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Well after my latest self build i can understand the no hassle bit that is for sure, i suspect with the money i payed for my last build i could have bought a very nice mac, but windows for all it's bad points is like a comfy pair of slippers, i know where i stand and at my age the addage of "Too old to teach a dog new tricks comes to mind"




Let us know how your m8 got on DJ

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Right guys, thanks for the comments and info, but I was basically told by a games and app designer NOT to go with that Mac, as it's next to useless for the job.


Various reasons including that ANYTHING Retina screened is not suitable for the software the guy will use, and that the model in question was low spec on the video anyway, i.e. graphics run by the CPU. Also, cloud based stuff is pointless for these applications as it slows the computer down drastically, if he has to move large files around he will be limited to the speed of his internet connection.


We went out and got this little beaut instead on his recomendation




For just over 600 squid  :Thumbs-Up:

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The spec was better on the mac in my opinion;


15-inch: 2.2GHz
with Retina display Specifications


  • 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
  • Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz
  • 16GB 1600MHz memory
  • 256GB PCIe-based flash storage1
  • Intel Iris Pro Graphics


I cant see what software is not suitable to work with retina displays? What applications is your m8 using? but I guess your choice was a lot less in price. As long as your buddy is happy.

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