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On't box again (twice)

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Most of you will have seen me when I was on Sky Sports being interviewed after our dog won a race - well, Iv'e got meself on it again. (possibly twice)


Last year my friend phoned me, he said ' get yourself down here, they are filming 'Happy Valley' down our street.

I didn't know what happy valley was - and for those that also don't, It is a popular drama on the BBC.


So I went over and the film crew and actors had taken over the street where he lived. (In Halifax) I was allowed through the cordon

(they had actually blocked off the street and only residents were allowed through)


So we watched it all being acted and filmed from his window. It was very interesting.

Anyway, they went further up the street and we came out of the house to carry on watching.

I watched the episode last week and lo and behold, there is me and me mate :) stood in the background as clear as day lol.


So, I'm getting to be a regular TV star these days.............lol but it doesn't end there.


Last week I'm travelling to work and notice that there are hundreds of cars parked up where there are usually none.

Up ahead I see 3 cop cars all askew in the road and of course I think 'oh must have been a bad accident - or even worse, a terrorist incedent'


But I drive through and then notice that there are lots of people and cameras and huge arc lights  and boom microphones and as people are running about

they are being filmed and followed by the boom mic's.  I then see a woman getting makeup put on and think to myself ' I know her face'

After a while, I realised it was Sheridan Smith (her wot played Cilla and also Emma in the Royle family)


I drove through the filming while it was going on, so I am very likely to be in a scene in my car..................


I made some inquiries what was going on and found out they are filming the Shannon Mathews story - you might remember

about a little girl (a few years ago) that went missing from Dewsbury, west Yorkshire and the whole of Yorkshire was mobilized to try find her

And it turned out she had purposely been hidden under a bed in Batley to claim the reward money

The mother was jailed for deception etc and her live-in boyfriend jailed for being a nonce or peado.......


But you will laugh....... the thing that impressed me the most was the 'chuck wagon' lol.


They were filming for a few days so the next time I got out of the car to watch

Oh man, do they feed the actors and crew well.

This food wagon was as big as an artic, there were about 20 people just serving food.


Full breakfasts at one end and roast joints and yorkshire puddings at the other with every food you can think of in-between.


And 2 double decker busses done out with tables chairs and comfy chairs for them to go scoff it.

The smell of the food was fantastic and made me feel hungry............if I'd more cheek I'd have queued up for some.


So that program will be airing in summer I imagine.


As a side note, I later found out that they wanted to film it all in the actual estate where it all went off

but the residents (and boy is it a rough estate - a no drive through zone if you know the area) wouldn't let them.

And when I say wouldn't let them..........they came out with bats and stones and anything they could get hold of

and threw them at the crew when they tried to 'set up' there. lol


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