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Anyone happy to do me a huge favour

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OK no BS cards on the table.

I want to get a O2 tablet deal but i know i will fail the credit check as 4 years ago i took out a DRO which will stay with me for another 2 years and any form of credit is a no no.


So looking at this deal



The way it works is as follows:

Choose the 24.99 upfront on 20.50 tarrif the airtime plan is 3x24 = 72 + 24.99 =96.99 get tablet insert sim log into my O2 request unlock code ring up pay off device plan cancel airtime immediately bargain for a 4g Samsung tablet that can be used for calls and texts aswell as WhatsApp


There is a thread about it here



I'd need you to order it, have it del to your address, given it's in your name you would have to ring up and cancel the contract and pay the remainder of the contract, I off course will pay you before you have to do anything just hit me with you paypal addy and i'll send the funds over, of course if your not local i will pay all costs to get it to me and bung you £20 for your hassle, anyone up for the game, otherwise i have to hit ebay and take my chances on there :tongue_32:



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It's a bit like 'The Young Ones' episode where Rick says to the rest 'Hands up everyone who likes me'


And everyone puts both arms down as low as they can   :)

LOL Yea i seem to know that feeling now, think i'll change my username to "Billy.no.m8s"



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Ahh not on here much. Would also help but in middle of buying house so no more contracts until done.   My old man wants a phone (me to get contract) and I have not told him about house yet but just tell him I am on to it.


Hope you get it sorted mate (billy).



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