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Jesus is nothing safe in London anymore?

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Not as cheeky as that but a while ago, my nextdoor neighbor had their wifi/camera door bell stolen.

They masked up and prized it off the door.  Cheeky bastards.

They have film of it but they had face masks on - it being halloween they weren't out of place.

Before it stopped broadcasting though, the video showed them getting on two distinct bicycles.

I'm keeping my eye out for those.

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Honestly if it ain't screwed down someone will nick it, about 5 years ago we had a spate of man hole cover being nicked in the middle of the night, something to do with the price of scrap metal being high and they weigh a ton, trouble is it leaves a hugh fooking hole in the road and lighting round here is pants, so we have pushbikers and motorcyclists going down the almost and writing of their bikes etc not to mention it done to cars as well.

Crazy place to live..:Blushing_32:

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