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Crowd funding etc

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I urgently need a mobility scooter as i am not allowed to drive after ny stroke.

Trapped in house at moment,can only walk short distance with a stick as my balance is gone.Also cos of heart problems.

My son was driving me to doctors etc but he has done his back in opening a cardboard box & cant get in the car.

I have no money,struggling like everyone else to pay the bills so cant afford taxi etc.

Someone suggested crowd funding but no idea how to go about it.

Scooter hire firms have turned me down cos of low income.

Never felt so down & helpless in my life.

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Yes I am not very up to date on the rules but I know my dad would lose some mobility benefits if he went for the car - he does not have wheelchair etc and I am afraid to proud to use one (yes I bang my head against the wall with him).  It all seems rather strange the rules as they don't seem to help everyone in need.


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If i hadnt had stroke i would be ok,but cant drive Till docs say so,& son has hurt his back & cant get in car so cant drive me.

Cant even walk to bus stop,but would struggle getting on & off anyway.

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