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Amazon help advice wanted


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I purchased 2 Hitachi 3tb hard drives @£49.50 each from Amazon on 28 February 2020.
Received them next day in one package.
Both were faulty so started Amazon return.
Returned them in same packaging they were sent in.
Got refund for 1 but they cant find other one?(Sent in same package).
Customer support tells me that i should have sent them separately & they cant refund on now missing  drive.
So i am now £49.50 down which i can ill afford.
Anyone have any ideas on what to do.Amazon.thumb.jpg.82c3b442270e1397dfaa1e9374b5078c.jpg

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I am guessing they only logged one as returned when they had two.  Simple admin mistake which is helping you.  Phone customer support. Number is hidden away but a search will find it.  I will look also.  I returned a mouse 3 times now and each time replaced with no problem. They are usually good. 

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Amazon are normally good at things sent back in the return window. It's more of a pain to try after the retune window but under warranty. be better if they just update the return button into a RMA req button.

but saying that I have had a hand full of doa HDD over the years and all send back in the return window WD toshiba seagate HGTS and the old maxtors

and the only time i had any trouble was trying to send back a HGTS.

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